2018 COPS Technician of the Year Award – Dana Ritzic COA

I would like to nominate Dana Ritzic COA as the 2018 Technician of the Year.  I have known Dana or over 30 years, and we have worked together for many of them.  As a widowed mother of a wonderful young man, she is an inspiration in hard work and tenacity.  She has been a wonderful and supportive mother, always present at the Hockey Games, and giving that extra to give her son the best life, while maintaining a demanding full time positon in ophthalmology

She is hard-working and pleasant.  She can always be counted on.  Her laugh is contagious There is always a smile on her face and she makes patients feel very comfortable.  Her knowledge of ophthalmology is outstanding and she is always willing to share this knowledge with the younger technicians.   This knowledge is also an asset to all the physicians she works with, as it allows her to anticipate what the doctors will need and give the patients the best care.

Her dedication and leadership have been well received over the years and she has been in many leadership roles in the company.   She can always be counted on to give the patients the best care and lead the staff with fairness and grace.

Patients know that she will give them as much time as they need.  Answer all their questions and alleviate all their concerns.   It is not unusual for thank you notes to arrive at the office and for patients to drop by to show their appreciation

Dana is always a “patient first” kind of tech and more often than not goes above and beyond to help the patients.   She has driven people home when their transportation has not arrived and taken medication to patients as needed.   She actually happened to help an older gentleman in the parking lot a few years back that was having a mild heart episode right before he drove away.


It has been my pleasure to work with and learn with her over the years.  We were fortunate to work for a doctor that always encouraged the best out of his employees.  We have seen many changes in ophthalmology and have witnessed the technology changes that have helped so many patients improve their vision and their lives.


I would truly like you to consider Dana Ritzic as the Technician of the Year.  As we are moving towards the end of out careers, I feel that she has been an incredible asset to ophthalmology in Cleveland in we are all so fortunate to have worked with her.



Thank You

Linda Georgia