2019 Cleveland Ophthalmic Personnel Society Technician of the Year – Susan Griffin, COA,

Pictured with Thomas Steinemann MD and Elisa Bala, MD

Our Ophthalmic Technician recipient this year received two nominations from the physicians
she works with.
From Dr. Steinemann:
Susan has been in the ophthalmology field for 30 years and is an indispensable part of our team
here at MetroHealth for the past 20 years. Her dedication to our Ophthalmology and
Optometry clinic is immeasurable. She is the type of technician who anticipates our patients
and providers needs and has everything ready to keep the clinic running smoothly as possible,
no matter how chaotic our clinic may be doing, with a positive, professional attitude.
Susan is always willing to help, no matter what challenging situations may occur, such as
helping with our language barrier patients, countless hours of administrative and hands on
work taking care of our most fragile patients, our ROP babies.
Susan has assisted me on a Contact Lens Project for the Federal Trade Commission, “Passive
Verification” for which I am grateful.
Susan has been a loyal member of COPS for several years and could I could not think of a more
deserving candidate to receive this honor.
From Dr. Bala:
I personally have known Susan for more than 9 years. I first met her when I was rotating as a
UH Resident at MetroHealth Hospital. It is impressive to attest to her dedication to her
profession and the compassionate care she delivers to our patients has nothing but grown.
We are very fortunate to have Susan, and our new staff technicians are lucky to benefit from
her broad and solid skill level along with her great teaching and support.

Thank you, Susan, for all you do to continue to provide great care to our patient’s!