Membership Info


Membership enrollment takes place every year at the time of the Annual Brunch which is usually in March.  Membership fee is $65.00 for the year which runs thru to the February meeting of the following year.  Enrollment is open thru out the year and can be paid for at any meeting but will run out prior to the annual brunch.  Membership form and payment must be submitted to be able to attend the brunch.  We will collect payment at the door but please submit the membership form or email Audrey Gargas or Joyce Conway so we have a count for the meeting

  • This year’s membership will run from Brunch to Brunch
  • Membership forms and dues can be collected at any meeting but will expire by the brunch date the following year
  • We only accept cash or check. Receipt will be provided upon request
  • If you have not paid the dues for the year, please be prepared to pay at the time of the meeting you wish to attend. Payment can either be for the years membership or we charge $20.00 for a single meeting
  • We try to be very accommodating to anyone attending the meeting who is not a member by providing the membership form and collecting payment if available at the door but please do not make a habit of this, it is not fair to all those who have paid their dues for us to allow someone in for free.
  • The Winter Newsletter will only be e-mailed to our current paid membership members.


2020 Membership Form

Click Here if you have any questions and wish to contact a board member for more information.