Brunch 2017

Where:  Embassy Suites, Independence

When:   March 19, 2017

“Genetics in Ophthalmology”

Brenda Loffelman, CPA

“Prosthetic Eyes”

Darrel Hardin, Ocularist


7:45 Registration
8:30 Lecture Begins
12:30 Business Meeting
4 CEC Group A


more info to follow.


2016 COPS Technician of the Year

2016 Ophthalmic Technician of the Year – Joyce Conway, COT

It is an honor to announce the winner of the Technician of the Year award.  She is a COT who has been with the Cleveland Clinic for 30 plus years.  She started in medical records at the main campus and eventually made her way to the ophthalmology department.  She spent many years on the floor and ended up doing research with Dr. Hilel Lewis.   In 1998 she was offered the opportunity to help establish an ophthalmology department at the Strongsville office with the advantage of being much closer to home and being able to spend more time with her family.  She jumped at the chance and now has the privilege of saying she is part of the foundation in Strongsville.  When Denise needed someone to cover the Tri C Ophthalmology Program, she jumped at the chance and spent 4 years teaching.  There are quite a few co-workers we are now working with that Joyce is responsible for teaching.

On a personal note, she is dependable, reliable, trust worthy, devoted to her family and friends and demonstrates this in her actions and words.  She will go the extra mile for what she believes in and would not hesitate to help out whenever needed.  Or else that’s just the hot blooded Italian in her!

From Dr. Kosmorsky, Well, Joyce, it appears you have outdone yourself this time; you’ve won the coveted award from your peers, of course those of us who work with you every day knows that you could get this award weekly.  You are a wonderful role model for your colleagues and your work ethic and expertise are greatly appreciated by me and your co-workers.  For one thing, you are the only technician left who wants to do the Goldmann Visual Fields.  This test is becoming a lost art and it is a critical part of any neuro ophthalmology practice to find out who’s feigning visual loss and who’s on the up and up.  Joyce and I are getting up there and I know the day will come when she announces her retirement.  Of course, Tom, Joyce’s husband has already retired, meaning that Joyce probably enjoys coming to work most of the time.

I heard that Joyce’s response to Tom announcing his retirement was used as an English lesson at the local elementary school.  The teacher announced to the class that “Today we will learn to use the same word twice in a sentence and today’s word is beautiful..  Can anyone use the word beautiful twice in a sentence?  Sally raised her hand and said “my mommy got flowers from my daddy and they were beautiful and my daddy told my mommy that she looked beautiful too.”  Billy raised his hand and said “My mommy got a necklace from my daddy and told her she was beautiful and my mommy told him that the necklace was beautiful.”  Then one of Joyce’s neighborhood children raised their hand and said “Mr. Conway told Mrs. Conway that he was going to retire and that she would still have to go to work, and Mrs. Conway said beautiful, just f’ing  beautiful.”  And by the way Joyce, when you do retire, the Goldmann Visual Field will be going with you to be displayed in your living room!

We appreciate all that Joyce has contributed to ophthalmology and COPS.  She has been the treasurer for the past 12 years and it looks like she will be enjoying at least another 2 years.

In closing, as we usually hear Lee Ann comment at work, Joyce, you….  Ophthalmic Technician of the Year.

Congratulations Joyce!